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Freestyle Progression

Mobile Freestyle Training for Freestyle MotoX, BMX/Mtn Bike, Ski & Snowboard, Freefall, & anything else you can imagine!!

Public & Private sessions available at music & outdoor festivals, private clubs, or even your own backyard!
We are FULLY mobile & able to service anywhere in BC
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Freestyle MotoX

Book us for a Freestyle MotoX session at your MX Track, moto festival, or just for a private session with your friends!!


Guaranteed to be the most fun you can have on two wheels!  Hit the ramp, stick 'yer trick, and roll right off the bag...3 - 6 jumps/minute!!


Let us help you live out your FMX dreams and achieve what you never thought you could do!


Contact us to discuss your event/private FMX session!

Freefall Setups

Our Freefall setup is THE most fun activity to do at a MUSIC or OUTDOOR Festival!!


Each event is unique, and our approach to each is unique: whether you want to pay us a set fee to allow everyone to jump for free, or to work with a festival partner/sponsor, or if we will charge jumpers directly, contact us to discuss these exciting activations!!


Contact us directly to discuss your Festival!!

BMX & Mtn Bike

Book us through your BMX club, Mtn Bike association, or for a private session anywhere!!


Our airbag is a HUGE step-up from a foam pit! It is:

  • Easier to get off/less tiring than foam

  • More riders/minute than foam pit

  • Rollable landing surface, lets you feel the effect of a wheels-down landing

  • HUGE surface area, impossible to miss it!


Contact us to discuss your very own BMX/Mtn Bike Booking!


Our huge airbag provides a 2,500 square foot landing surface!! Perfect for the carving launches and insane tricks being executed by professional and up-and-coming freestyle snowsports athletes!!


We will be renting our airbag out to interested Ski Resorts &/or Freestyle Ski Clubs for the 2016 winter!

Rentals available by the month - offset rental costs with your own Terrain Park sponsors!!



Contact us for Snowsport Rental Inquiries!!


Our airbag can be used for nearly anything...and we mean ANYTHING!!

  • Freeclimbing competition? No problem!  

  • An insane GT Sno Racer trick event? Sure, why not!

  • TV/Film industry stunt performances? Of course! Our airbag can have a trained person fall from 100 ft!! 

  • The only limit is your imagination!




Contact us for Other Rental Inquiries!!




Contact us to inquire about advertising at almost ANY of our activations!!  


Advertising with us is a fantastic way to align your brand with an Exciting, Eye-Catching, Crowd-pleasing activation!!  Our setup creates & holds a crowd everywhere we go, so it is a natural fit for your company's branding!!




Contact us to discuss Advertising!!



Freestyle Progression was founded with a simple goal: 
We want to make professional quality freestyle training equipment more accessible, more affordable, and offer it to the public on a mobile platform.
To achieve this, we used one of the best airbags in the business, a BigAirBag Revolution 3 (50 ft x 50ft), which can stand up to ANYTHING we throw at it - dirt bikes, mountain bikes, skis & snowboards, and anything you can imagine! Check out BigAirBag's website for more info on their products (www.bigairbag.com)
We then added the following equipment to help us achieve our goal of a fully mobile, professional training setup
  • Engineered Scaffold Stair Tower for Freefall activations
  • 9' tall, customized Steel Freestyle Motocross & Mtn Bike Ramp
  • Wooden dirt-jump style Mountain Bike/BMX Ramps
  • Walk-on Cargo Trailer to carry it all; this doubles as a roll-in ramp for our BMX/Mtn Bike activations
Contact us to discuss your event or training session ideas - we are always stoked to hear from our customers!!
Whether you are a Private Party looking for an unforgettable weekend session, a Bike/Ski/Motocross Club looking for an amazing training tool, or a Music/Outdoor Festival looking for a thrilling guest activation, CONTACT US & LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
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